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“Hybrid” Limited E Bike Warranty

The Warranty covers:

The “Hybrid Bikes Ltd” limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship on the frames, fork, motor, brakes, battery and on parts which are fitted on the Hybrid branded E Bikes and sold by Hybrid Bikes Ltd direct or any authorized Hybrid dealer.

The “Hybrid Bikes Ltd” limited warranty covers lifetime for the frame, 2 years for the motor or 5.000km whatever comes first and two years for forks, brakes, battery and other parts from the date of purchase. Transfer of the product warranty from the first purchaser to another person terminates this limited warranty.

The “Hybrid Bikes Ltd” limited warranties of frame, motor, battery and parts is pending on complying with the service maintenance schedule done by an authorized “Hybrid Bikes” dealer or any other qualified Bike mechanic. The service document should be provided with the claim of any damage. Should the annual maintenance service been missed the warranty will be reduced to two years. Costs for maintenance and service have to be borne by the owner of the Product. The “Hybrid Bikes Ltd” is valid from the date of purchase of the Product and is limited to the first purchaser of the Product.

The “Hybrid Bikes Ltd” limited warranty covers all parts which fall under the warranty excluding the labour to fit them.

The Warranty doesn’t cover:

The “Hybrid Bikes Ltd” limited warranty does not cover any defect caused by “wear and tear”, accident, neglect, improper handling, colour fade due to exposure to sunlight, abuse, misuse, an act of God or improper assembly if done by the buyer.

The “Hybrid Bikes Ltd” limited warranty does not cover if the Lithuim batterie has been uncharged for an extended length of time or water damage which can lead to problems in the electrical circuit.

The “Hybrid Bikes Ltd” limited warranty does not cover if the E Bike and any of the original parts have been modified or changed in any way without approval from “Hybrid Bikes Ltd”

Claim under the warranty:

You must claim the limited warranty from the authorized “Hybrid Bikes” dealer you bought the Bike from or “Hybrid Bike Ltd” direct if you bought it online within the warranty period. You must return the “Hybrid” E Bike part or the “Hybrid” E Bike in a timely manner including the proof of purchase at your expense for investigation.

In case of replacement or refund, returned Product becomes the property of “Hybrid Bikes Ltd”.


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