Our range of EBike accessories

Enhance your e-bike journey with our versatile range of accessories. At Hybrid Bikes, we understand that functionality is key when it comes to making your e-bike your own. Equip yourself with essential tools like our bike repair stands and fenders/racks, perfect for storage. Keep your e-bike charged and ready to go with our range of batteries and chargers or tailor your seating arrangement with our range of seat and seatpost options. Our selection of accessories allows you to customise your riding adventures according to your preference.

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All Hybrid Bikes are customisable to suit your needs. If you’re got a question about one of our bikes, or a customisation you may be interested in, give our team a call today.

Common FAQs

What kind of lock should I use for my e-bike?

Given the value of e-bikes, it’s advisable to use a high-quality U-lock or heavy-duty chain lock. Some riders combine both for extra security. We personally recommend heavy chains because they are more flexible and easier to lock your bike around a post if needed.  

Is there a specific type of helmet for e-bike riders?

While standard bicycle helmets provide protection, there are helmets designed with e-bikers in mind, often offering enhanced protection given the potential for higher speeds on e-bikes.

Can I add a basket or rack to my e-bike?

Yes, many e-bikes are compatible with standard bike racks or baskets. Ensure it doesn’t interfere with the battery or motor when installing.

Are there special fenders for e-bikes?

While standard fenders can often be used, some e-bike specific fenders are designed to accommodate the additional wiring and components.

How can I monitor my battery level while riding?

Most e-bikes come with an integrated display showing battery level, speed, and other data. If yours doesn’t, there are aftermarket displays available.

Can I install a larger battery for longer range?

No you can’t add a larger battery, you will need to carry a spare battery or get the Hybrid model with a large battery.

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