Service and Repair

What happens if you buy a HYBRID E-Bike from us online and have issues?

We understand that you are buying direct online from us and not through a physical store.
We want to put your mind at ease by explaning the 3 step process.

Report the issue via our website or by phone.
We have customer service agents available 7 days a week and guarantee a 24-hour response time to
make sure that you never have to wait more than a day for a response.

We will first troubleshoot the issue remotely.
If any parts are needed, we will ship them out at no charge to you.
If the issue requires professional work, we will contact a member of our national service network near you
that will be able to service your bike. We’ll even make the arrangements for you to drop off the bike.
All you have to do is bring your bike into the shop, and we’ll handle the rest!

All you have to do is drop off the bike at the shop and then we communicate directly with the mechanics there.
If any spare parts are needed, we will ship them directly to you or the shop at no charge to you.
Once the issue is resolved, you will be notified via email or phone. All you have to do then is simply pick up
the bike at your convenience.

Why this works

Most of the mechanical components on HYBRID bikes are standard components. This includes the brakes, gearing, derailleur, etc. The electrical components including the the motor, battery and controller are virtually plug-and-play, which means that a service technician can quickly and simply replace the part.

HYBRID bikes are engineered so that any bike shop can quickly troubleshoot and fix an issue. This makes it so that local support is only an email or a phone call away.

Still not sure?

We invite you to read one of our many customer reviews or contact us and we can connect you to one of our passionate customers.


All Hybrid Bikes are customisable to suit your needs. If you’re got a question about one of our bikes, or a customisation you may be interested in, give our team a call today.