Our range of EBikes

Discover the ultimate fusion of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled cycling experience with our Hybrid E-Bikes. Designed in New Zealand, these electric bikes redefine your ride, offering lightweight companions for all adventures. The F18 Cruiser, powers your explorations with a 14Ah / 504Wh battery. Embrace the future with the F22 Cruiser, our 2023 flagship boasting a 20Ah / 720Wh battery for endurance. Seek elite experiences with the F18 Cruise Elite Special’s 14Ah / 504Wh battery. The F22 Cruise Elite Special sets new standards, featuring a 20Ah / 720Wh battery and innovative design. Speed enthusiasts will love the M18 Speedmaster’s 14Ah / 504Wh battery thrill. The M22 Speedmaster, symbolising 2023’s innovation, rocks a 20Ah / 720Wh battery for an electrifying ride. For performance and exclusivity, the M18 Sport Elite Special offers a 14Ah / 504Wh battery. Elevating the experience, the M22 Sport Elite Special flaunts a 20Ah / 720Wh battery and groundbreaking features. At Hybrid, we don’t just sell bikes; we deliver an unwavering commitment to quality, comfort, and responsive riding. Our selection extends beyond the bikes themselves; explore a curated selection of ebike accessories to enhance your cycling journey. Join the electric revolution today.


All Hybrid Bikes are customisable to suit your needs. If you’re got a question about one of our bikes, or a customisation you may be interested in, give our team a call today.

Common E-bike FAQS

What is an e-bike?

An e-bike, or electric bicycle, is a bike equipped with an electric motor that assists the rider while pedaling.

How does an e-bike work?

E-bikes have a battery, a motor, and a controller. When you pedal or use a throttle, the motor provides additional power to assist your pedaling, making it easier to ride.

Do I need a license to ride an e-bike?

Licensing requirements vary by country and region. In many places, e-bikes under a certain power output are treated like regular bicycles, requiring no special license. 

How far can I go on a single charge?

The range varies based on battery capacity, rider weight, terrain, level of assistance, and other factors. Some e-bikes can go 20-30 miles (32-48 km) or more on a single charge. Hybrid Bikes models can reach between 60km and 150km depending on the motor settings,battery size and levels of support used when riding.

How long does the battery last?

E-bike batteries typically last for several years or 500-700 charge cycles. Their lifespan depends on use, care, and battery type.

Can I ride an e-bike in the rain?

Many e-bikes are designed to be water-resistant, but not waterproof. It’s generally safe to ride in light rain, but exposure to heavy rain or submersion could damage the electronics.

How fast can e-bikes go?

Speed varies by model and regulation. New Zealand has no speed limit regulations. 

Can I still get exercise on an e-bike?

Yes! You can adjust the level of assistance. Even with assistance, you’re still pedaling and getting a workout.

How do I charge the battery?

Most e-bikes come with a charger that you plug into a standard electrical outlet. The battery can often be removed from the bike for convenience.

Are there different types of e-bikes?

Yes, e-bikes come in various styles, including commuter, mountain, road, and cargo e-bikes.

Is it harder to pedal an e-bike without assistance?

E-bikes are generally heavier due to the battery and motor. Without assistance, they might feel slightly harder to pedal than a regular bike, especially uphill.

Do I need special insurance for an e-bike?

Some regions or countries might require special insurance, especially if the e-bike falls under the classification of a motorized vehicle.

Can the battery be replaced?

Yes, e-bike batteries can be replaced. It’s advisable to get a battery that matches your e-bike’s specifications.

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