eBike buying guide with hybrid bikes

On the hunt for the perfect eBike? But how do you find the right one? Here we break down the A to Z of buying the perfect eBike for your needs.

Types of eBikes

First, let’s dive into the different ebike models available at hybrid bikes

Battery Specs

Battery Capacity and Range

An ebike is only as good as its battery’s range. The battery’s capacity (measured in watt-hours or Wh) gives an estimate of how far you can ride on a single charge. But remember, your range will also be influenced by factors like weight, terrain, and level of assistance. Always look for a battery that offers a good balance between capacity and weight.

Battery Lifespan and Replacement

eBike batteries typically last for several hundred charge cycles, which equates to a few years of regular riding. But, like all rechargeable batteries, they’ll degrade over time. Ensure your chosen model comes with a warranty, and check how easy and costly it is to replace the battery.

Assist Levels and Controls

The magic of an eBike lies in its assist modes. Let’s break them down:


For when you want just a wee bit of help, making your ride more energy-efficient.


Up the ante a bit. Ideal for those slightly challenging terrains or when you’re feeling a bit adventurous.


Feeling the need for speed? Turbo’s got your back.
And what’s power without control? The user interface is key. A user-friendly display and controller ensure you can easily toggle between modes, monitor battery levels, and track your ride stats. Level 1. Lowest level, Level 2. Little more, Level 3. more again, Level 4. even more power, Level 5. Full power

Frame and Build

The heart and soul of your eBike.

Frame Material

Carbon fibre is the royalty of all frame materials, its unparalleled. It’s much stronger than steel and weighs less ensuring a smoother ride by absorbing shocks like a champ. We can then say that carbon bikes are faster than aluminum ones, since aerodynamics and stiffness are always present. In addition, bicycles that use carbon fibre material are designed as a single piece, while the aluminum is welded, which can cause cracks. While it may be pricier than other materials, it’s a worthy investment.

Size and Fit

A bike that doesn’t fit is like a shoe that’s too tight. It’s just uncomfortable. Make sure you pick a frame size that aligns with your height and riding posture. It’s best to test ride if possible, ensuring the bike feels like an extension of yourself. All Hybrid Bikes models are custom designed for reach individual rider to make sure they get the perfect fit.

Braking System

Given the added weight and potential speeds of eBikes, the importance of a reliable braking system cannot be overstressed. Always check for bikes with disc brakes or high-quality V-brakes. They’ll give you the stopping power you need, ensuring every ride is safe.

Accessory Compatibility

Mounting Racks or Panniers: Whether it’s for daily commuting or weekend trips, having the option to mount racks or panniers is essential for many riders. Check if the bike frame offers these options.
Upgradability of Components: As you ride more, you may want to upgrade certain parts like the saddle, pedals, or even the motor. Make sure the eBike you choose supports this without much fuss.

When it comes to buying the perfect eBike, consider the models (m18, m22, f18, f22), ponder over battery specs, dive into assist modes, weigh the frame, check those brakes, and accessorise to your heart’s content. Your perfect ride awaits! Happy eBiking! 🚴‍♂️🔋🚴‍♀️

Hybrid Bikes Quick Comparison

eBike Buying Guide FAQs

How important is the frame material and fit in choosing an eBike?
The frame material and fit are vital. Carbon fibre frames are lightweight, durable, and offer a smoother ride by absorbing shocks. However, it’s equally important to ensure the bike fits you. A mismatched frame size can result in an uncomfortable riding experience. Always opt for a test ride, if possible, to ensure the bike aligns with your height and posture.
What is the significance of battery watt-hours (Wh) in eBikes?
Watt-hours (Wh) indicate the battery’s capacity. A higher Wh typically means you can ride longer on a single charge. For instance, a 720Wh battery will generally provide a longer range than a 504Wh battery, but it’s essential to factor in riding conditions, weight, and level of assistance used.

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