Hybrid E-Bikes – C24 Commuter – 20AH/720WH Battery

The C24 is the epitome of an ideal cargo commuter e-bike. Its very low step-through design makes it perfect for riders to easily keep an eye on their kids or monitor the load sitting on the back. Equipped with a dropper seat, it accommodates riders ranging from 152cm to 183cm, ensuring a comfortable commute around town.

Fully equipped with fenders, lights, and a rear carrier featuring a kids’ safety rack for added security, the C24 is ready for school trips or hauling a hefty load of groceries. With puncture-resistant tires, riders are shielded against most obstacles that could cause flats. The 4-piston brakes provide optimal safety for stopping in traffic.

Featuring a large 720W/H battery, the C24 offers a range of over 100km per charge, making it exceptionally practical for busy individuals who may not have time to recharge the battery daily. With its combination of convenience, safety, and long-range capability, the C24 is the ultimate solution for urban commuters.



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Hybrid E-Bikes – C24 Commuter Frame


This alloy frame is exceptionally robust and engineered to support a total weight of 180kg, making it the epitome of cargo bikes. Its impressive load capacity ensures it can handle various hauling tasks with ease. The well-balanced weight distribution, coupled with a wheelbase of only 200cm, facilitates swift town rides and effortless tight turns.

The low step-through design enhances maneuverability, allowing riders to effortlessly turn around and keep a watchful eye on their children or the goods being carried on the back. This combination of strength, balance, and agility makes the bike an ideal choice for urban commuting and cargo transport.

Hybrid Bikes Bafang motor image


Hybrid Bikes incorporates cutting-edge technology with the M510 motor, a 250-watt powerhouse. With an impressive torque of 95N/M and a featherweight design at just 2.8kg, it stands out as both incredibly powerful and lightweight.

At the Euro Bike Show 2023, the M510 motor was recognized as one of the finest in its class, alongside esteemed competitors such as Bosch, Brose, and Shimano. Its exceptional performance and efficiency solidify its position as a top choice for discerning riders seeking the utmost in motor quality and innovation.

Hybrid Bikes Bafang motor image


The Samsung INR21700-40T, Lithium-Ion High Capacity Cylindrical Battery is one of the best quality and most reliable 21700 cells on the market.

All Hybrid Bikes batteries undergo rigorous testing to meet European Standards, ensuring they surpass all performance and safety requirements. As a result, our batteries are recognized as top-of-the-line, setting the standard for excellence in the industry today.


All Hybrid Bikes feature the latest in Intelligent Controller technology. With a large screen and optional three display variations, riders experience ultimate comfort and convenience.

Our Intelligent Controller offers five levels of assist, from Eco to Boost, all easily managed via a thumb control conveniently located on the left-hand side of the handlebar. Additionally, it includes features such as auto lights, walk mode, time and trip meter, and many other handy options.

The display, part of our Intelligent Controller system, was honored with the 'Excellent Product Design' award in the Bicycles and eBikes category at the prestigious 2024 German Design Awards, further solidifying its status as an industry-leading innovation.



At Hybrid Bikes, we exclusively utilize premium components to ensure every rider enjoys the best-performing and reliable riding experience.

Our bikes are equipped with top-of-the-line features such as 4-piston Tektro brakes, Shimano gears (available in cassette and chain drive or internal hub and belt drive configurations), puncture-resistant tires, suspension front forks, and KS dropper seats. These rugged components boast a proven track record of performance and durability.

Furthermore, all our components are readily available from quality cycle mechanics, offering peace of mind and allowing riders to relax and fully enjoy their ride.


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