3000km from Bluff to Cape Reinga on a Hybrid E-Bike

We had the chance to catch up with Alex Dempster, who has just finished cycling the length of the South Island from Bluff to Nelson on her Hybrid E-Bike.

In the interview, we talk about how the Hybrid bike is so well balanced, she’s travelling up to 120km on one battery charge, and still coming in with some in reserve.

She’s been riding a lot without the motor-assist up and down hills, but having the motor-assist available is great and she has even towed others on the team on some hill climbs!

“This bike has gone on the road, rough tracks, on gravel, through water and through torrential rain and it has just kept going!”

This tour takes 43 days and covers all of New Zealand. Amazing ride, all organized by Global Cycle Adventures.