Which is the best E Bike for me?

This is a very commonly asked question.

New Zealand has many e-bike brands and styles available so when it comes to buying one, it really comes down to what is most important to you.

Start with the type of riding you like to do cycle trails? Mountain bike trails? Commuting?

Most likely it comes down to reliability, comfort, power, frame option, weight of the bike, price and importantly, the service options before and after you purchase your e-bike.

Because every person is different in terms of size, weight, fitness and flexibility it is equally important that the e-bike you select can be adjusted to your personal needs to optimise your riding experience.

Let’s look at some of the biggest selling brands in New Zealand and look at what they are offering – last updated February 2021.


Specialized started in 1974 in the US and has a global network of dealers. They offer a wide range of bike and e-bike models.

Why would you consider a Specialized E Bike?

  • Global brand with long history
  • Specialized is running 250-watt Brose motor / max speed 45km/h
  • Wide range of models in New Zealand
  • Great nationwide dealer network
  • Great reviews
  • Frames are available in alloy and carbon (only in suspension models)
  • Price range from $5,500 to $24,000

Moustache is based in the Vosges region of France. Since it was formed nine years ago it has grown to become a global brand renowned for quality and performance.

Why would you consider a Moustache e-bike?

  • Well respected brand globally
  • Great 250-watt Bosch Performance Line motor / max speed 32km/h
  • Nationwide service agents
  • Alloy frame
  • Great reviews
  • Price point from $5,900 – 9,000

Giant is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer, recognised as the world’s largest. It was formed in 1972 and has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and mainland China.

Why would you consider a Giant e-bike?

  • Global brand, well respected
  • Giant runs a 250-watt Yamaha motor / max speed 32km/h
  • Nationwide service agents
  • Frames are available in alloy & carbon (only in suspension models)
  • Wide range of e-bikes
  • Good reviews
  • Price range from $3,000 to $9,900

Merida is another Taiwanese bike manufacturing brand established in 1973. It has grown into a global brand selling a wide range of e-bikes around the World.  Merida has a design and assembly team in Germany for the European market.

 Why would you consider a Merida e-bike?

  • Global brand
  • Merida runs a 250-watt Shimano motor / max speed 32km/h
  • Wide distribution network
  • Big range of E Bikes available
  • Alloy frames
  • Good reviews
  • Price point from $4,000 to $8,000

Trek started in the US in 1976 and is now one of the biggest global players. Unfortunately, there are no fully made models coming out of the US, with most manufacturing now done in Asia, like most other big global brands.

Why would you consider a Trek e-bike?

  • Global brand
  • All Trek bikes are configured with Bosch motors/ max speed 32km/h
  • Trek has a nationwide network of service agents and dealers.
  • Frames are available in alloy & carbon (only in suspension models)
  • Good reviews
  • Price point from $4,500 – $9,900

Hybrid Bikes Ltd

Nelson-based Hybrid E Bikes started in 2017 and is focused on building state of the art carbon fibre e-bikes.

We design and custom-build e-bikes to customers’ requirements and expectations, in order to provide the ultimate e-bike riding experience.

Why would you consider a Hybrid Bikes E Bike?


  • Designed and custom-built in Nelson, New Zealand
  • Specialising in carbon fibre cruisers, commuters and hard trail mountain e-bikes
  • Nationwide network of service agents
  • Powerful 300watt Bafang motor/ max speed 45km/h
  • Frames are only available in carbon fibre
  • Great reviews and customer feedback
  • Price point from $5,500 – $5,600 noting this price point has been updated as of August 2022

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